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    (7 - 9 NOVEMBER 2017)

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    The Faculty of Pharmacy at Isra University was established with the establishment of the university in 1991 and was one of the first faculties of pharmacy in a private university in Jordan. Today the faculty enrolls around 900 undergraduate students and just under 40 postgraduates. The Faculty of Pharmacy at Isra University awards a Bachelor's degree in Pharmacy and a Masters degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences. http://www.iu.edu.jo/index.php/en/2014-11-10-10-22-49/faculty-of-pharmacy

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    The Scientific Association of Colleges of Pharmacy in the Arab World was Established during the convening of the conference of deans of faculties of pharmacy in the Arab world at the Faculty of Pharmacy - University of Damascus in January / 1996. The conference was attended by thirty Deans of Faculties of pharmacy representing the following Arab countries: Jordan, Algeria, Sudan, Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Kuwait, Lebanon, Egypt…..for more http://asscph-aw.net/home/ar/

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    Founded in 2014, the Association of Jordanian Faculties of Pharmacy (JFP) is a national organization representing pharmacy education in Jordan. The mission of JFP is to help members in proceeding in pharmacy education and research. JFP comprises fourteen faculties of pharmacy that are accredited to offer a bachelor degree in pharmacy and / or pharmaceutical sciences in Jordan. The secretary of the JFP is usually the current dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy in the University of Jordan, and the members of the board are the exciting dean of the faculties of pharmacy in Jordan.

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    The King Hussein Cancer Center (KHCC) is one of the best comprehensive cancer centers in the Middle East which treats both adult and pediatric patients. KHCC is named after our late beloved King Hussein who fought cancer in the same manner as he lived his life; with great faith, courage and dignity. KHCC treats over 3500 new cancer patients each year, from Jordan and the region. It is equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment and services, including 8 operating rooms and 170 beds. It houses 18 intensive care units, including 6 ICU specialized for pediatric care. Highly-qualified oncologists and healthcare professionals (over 200 oncologists and consultants) and 617 nurses, trained specifically in oncology nursing, work tirelessly to ensure that patients receive the latest in comprehensive cancer care.

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    Welcome to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, founded by King Abdullah I, and currently ruled by King Abdullah II son of the late King Hussein. Over the years, Jordan has grown into a stable, peaceful and modern country. While Jordan is known for the ancient Nabatean city of Petra, carved from rock over 2000 years ago, it also offers much more for the modern traveler, from the Jordan valley, fertile and ever changing, to the remote desert canyons, immense and still. Whether you are a thrill seeker, a historian, or you just want to relax, Jordan is the place for you.

Key Note Speakers

Dear Colleagues,

The faculty of pharmacy at Isra University is pleased to welcome you to its second international conference and the sixth international conference of the Jordanian faculties of pharmacy, which will coincide with the twentieth congress of the Arab Association of the Faculties of Pharmacy and will be held at Isra University from 7-9 November, 2017.


THE CANCER EPIDEMIC: A Pharmacist's Perspective

The theme of the conference will highlight the pharmacist’s role in the growing problem of cancer, given that it remains as the second most common cause of death worldwide.

The organizing committee is planning for an exciting and informative program, where national and international researchers in pharmacy will meet and share their ideas. This conference will provide a comprehensive and stimulating overview of the latest scientific advances and research developments in cancer research from a pharmacist's perspective. This will be attained through a rich program, including keynote and plenary sessions, oral and poster presentations, as well as interactive workshops related to the conference main tracks. All submitted abstracts are going to be evaluated by an accredited scientific committee. Participants will enjoy access to invited outstanding speakers as well as decision makers and will have the opportunity to develop long-term relationships with field leaders.


Finally, everyone will get the chance to spend some lovely time in our beautiful country; Jordan.

Looking forward to your attendance and participation that will enrich our conference and make it a successful event.


Conference Organizing Committee

Faculty of Pharmacy- Isra Universty

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