Future programes

Center's future programs:
· Analyzing and explaining difficulties that face implementation of child-rights agreement in Jordan.

· The spreading and promoting the child-rights culture through seminars and studies related to childhood.

· Inviting specialists in the field of childhood to give lectures on the latest developments in the child-rights.

· Organizing an entertaining educational programs for children with special needs.

· Organizing a program to consolidate the role of civil community in protecting child from abuse.

· Holding a training course for kindergarten teachers on methods of dealing with normal children and those with special needs.

· Organizing developmental programs and guidance seminars for parents of children with special needs.

· Organizing a training course for kindergarten teachers on how to achieve the needs of child- rights curriculum.

· Creating a website concerned with child-rights center.

· Encouraging postgraduate students to choose theses titles on child-rights.

· Preparing a journal specialized in child-rights through which legal issues can be discussed from research and academic perspectives, and whatever concerns child-rights.

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