مركز حقوق الطفل

مركز حقوق الطفل (12)

Future programes

Center's future programs: · Analyzing and explaining difficulties that face implementation of child-rights agreement in Jordan. · The spreading and promoting the child-rights culture through seminars and studies related to…
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Center's Activities

The Center's Activities that have been achieved: The First International Conference "Child's Rights from an Educational and Legal Perspective.” The Second International Conference “Education and Learning and Teaching skills” Holding…
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Target groups

National and international institutions and organizations concerned with child's affairs . Judges , lawyers, judiciary officials and security personnel concerned with child's rights and protection . Academicians, educators and media…
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1) المناداة بحقوق الطفل حيثما وردت في الاتفاقيات الدولية والعربية والمحلية. 2) إجراء الأبحاث والدراسات العلمية في مجال الطفولة. 3) إقامة وتنفيذ برامج تدريبية وورش تعليمية في مختلف القضايا التي…
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Mission and vision

Mission and Vision The Child Rights Center seeks to spread awareness of child's rights through disseminating, education and training through using several educational and legal means.
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The Majesty King Abdullah II Bin Al Hussein and Queen Rania Al Abdullah have had the effort to keep Jordan in the forefront of countries that defend the rights of…
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