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Intermediate Physics Lab

Course description: This lab contains experiments relate to the optics course. There are ten experiments, these experiments aim to introduce students to the characteristics and behaviors of light in air…
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Physics. Lab 2.

Course Description: Study basic electrical and magnetic methods; taking measurements and data analysis. Experiments focus on basic electrical concepts such as Ohm's law, Electric Field, Power,Kirchhoff's Rules and the Magnetic…
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Physics. Lab 1

Course Description: This course contains 10 experiments relate to the theoretical course that is taught to students in Physics 101. Students learn how measure physical quantities and analyze the data.,…
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فيزياء عملي متوسط

يحتوي المساق على أحدى عشرة تجارب تعتمد معظمها على المادة النظرية التي يدرسها الطالب في مادة البصريات ولذلك فإن المساق عبارة عن تجارب في مبادئ البصريات بحيث يقوم الطالب بإجراء…
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