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Advanced Physics Lab

Course description: This lab. contains experiments that are based on atomic and nuclear physics physics as well as optical spectra. This lab aim to provide students with basic idea of…
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مشرف مختبر - بيان بني سلمان

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  • المؤهل العلمي بكالوريوس
  • التخصص الدقيق هندسة نظم الحاسوب
  • الجامعة جامعة البلقاء التطبيقية
  • الرقم الفرعي 2711

Intermediate Physics Lab

Course description: This lab contains experiments relate to the optics course. There are ten experiments, these experiments aim to introduce students to the characteristics and behaviors of light in air…
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Physics. Lab 2.

Course Description: Study basic electrical and magnetic methods; taking measurements and data analysis. Experiments focus on basic electrical concepts such as Ohm's law, Electric Field, Power,Kirchhoff's Rules and the Magnetic…
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Physics. Lab 1

Course Description: The course contains ten experiments, most them are based on the theoretical material that is taught to students in general physics (1). Therefore, the course is a study…
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