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The Majesty King Abdullah II Bin Al Hussein and Queen Rania Al Abdullah have had the effort to keep Jordan in the forefront of countries that defend the rights of the child and maintain his/her freedom and dignity. This was translated through the ratification of the Convention on the Rights of the Children, where Jordan is one of the first countries that have ratified this Convention, and emanating from the principles enunciated in the Charter of the United Nations. Also Jordan was one of the first countries which held a national conference about children care under the special patronage of the former Majesty the King Hussein, may God bless his soul and rest him in peace.

Isra University has taken the initiative steps to create a center for the rights of the child, which was founded in 2011. This center seeks the rights of children to contribute to shed light on the main problems and issues of human rights pressing in Jordan and its impact on the child, and coordination with the various parties involved and work together in order to raise public awareness of these issues and try to find solutions and alternatives to comply with international laws for children's rights.

اقرأ المزيد


1) المناداة بحقوق الطفل حيثما وردت في الاتفاقيات الدولية والعربية والمحلية.
2) إجراء الأبحاث والدراسات العلمية في مجال الطفولة.
3) إقامة وتنفيذ برامج تدريبية وورش تعليمية في مختلف القضايا التي تعني بالطفل.
4) تنفيذ برامج تدريبية للكبار والصغار حول حقوق الطفل..
5)تعزيز الوعي العام بحق الطفل وقضاياه والدفاع عنها من خلال تأسيس مراكز وبرامج دعم قانونية..
6)التعريف بحقوق الطفل التربوي..
7)الوعي بالرعاية الاجتماعية والصحية للطفل..
8)تبادل الخبرات حول حقوق الطفل وحمايته في التشريعات الدولية..
9)صياغة رؤية شاملة حول حقوق الطفل في التشريعات الأردنية..
10)الإلمام بحقوق الطفل النمائية والنفسية.

اقرأ المزيد

Target groups

National and international institutions and organizations concerned with child's affairs .
Judges , lawyers, judiciary officials and security personnel concerned with child's rights and protection .
Academicians, educators and media personnel .
Individuals or institutions concerned with child's rights and protection

اقرأ المزيد
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