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Vision and Mission

The kindergarten aims to enable children acquire basic knowledge and be efficient members of the society in terms of education, productivity and human ethics.

1- Providing a variety of educational and fun activities taking into consideration the individual differences.
2- Reinforcing positive behaviour as well as motivating creativity and innovation.
3- Promoting healthy eating habits.
4- Providing assistance in establishing sound social relations.

Aims and objectives
1- Provide a healthy motivating environment for playing as well as developing the personality.
2- Promote innovation and develop the physical senses in accordance with the relevant development phase.
3- Reinforce their abilities to grow and learn by implementing the best day care facilities.
4- Provide complete care necessary for maintaining good health.
5- Reinforce positive values in a pleasant and joyful environment.
6- Fulfil their needs allowing them to move smoothly from nursery to kindergarten.
7- Focus on the educational, social, physical, mental, cultural and emotional needs.
8- Enhance their imagination by applying advanced activities encouraging them to speak their minds and develop their abilities to exchange ideas and thoughts.
9- Instil in them the passion to learn and acquire knowledge by providing them with love safety and security.

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In accordance with the vision of her Majesty, Queen Rania Al-Abdullah, regarding child care especially during kindergarten years, the Isra University aims at implementing projects from which the staff as well as the local community could benefit. Therefore, an on-campus kindergarten has been established to provide the children with comfort and security as well as engage them in activities that fit their age. The university has been very keen to employ highly qualified staff who are capable of providing the care and education that children need for their mental health and creativity. It seeks to help children acquire knowledge, activate and enhance their interaction with the surrounding social environment.

اقرأ المزيد
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