About Department - Software Engineering


The faculty of IT established a new undergraduate program in Software Engineering to address the growing need for professionals in this sophisticated field. Graduates of this program will work with the engineering of software, with special attention devoted to large and critical systems.

Recent surveys and data from the Bureau of labor Statistics indicate that the need for trained software engineers will increase significantly during the next decade.

This program addresses both analytic and practical skills required by students to develop robust and efficient computer software systems for manufacturing, industrial, medical, government, and business applications. They will have individual and team hands-on experience with timely, cost-effective and state-of-the –art processes, methods and tools.

This curriculum aims to prepare students for careers in software engineering, software project management, and software development and integration. Software engineering comprises the core principles in software construction and maintenance. This mainly covers the fundamental software processes and life-cycles , mathematical foundations of software engineering, requirements analysis , software engineering methodologies and standard notations, principles of software architecture and reuse, software quality frameworks and validation , software development , and maintenance necessary for satisfying possible future software engineering accreditation or certification requirements