About Department of CIS

CIS Definition

The Department of Computer Information Systems (CIS) established in the academic year 2002/2003 to keep pace with the expansion of information technology.The CIS department provides the students courses related to the analysis and design of information systems in addition to information security, management of networks, databases, e-commerce, and related studies, in addition to special topics in computing and business management. There are three laboratories allocated in the department in order to help the students with their practical skills.The Department of CIS bring up graduates equipped with the knowledge and skills required for planning and development, design and management of information systems in organizations and institutions.


CIS graduates are expected to have the following knowledge and abilities:

  • Has a strong foundation in science, mathematics and information technology and able to apply this fundamental knowledge to some tasks in the field.
  • Able to develop applications by using one of the modern computer languages.
  • Deep understanding of the various computer data.
  • Own ethics and professionalism in the work environment.
  • Understanding of quantitative and qualitative analysis.
  • Possess effective communication skills (oral and written), so as to efficiently contribute to project discussions, presentations, documentations and reviews.


Career Opportunities:

Graduates of CIS can apply their skills in a large number of businesses related to information technology. This include: Director of information systems, software applications developer, developer of web pages, designer of databases, database systems programmer, Java developer, designer of e-commerce systems, and developer of Web services. Some traditional applications in CIS are: e-commerce, financial management, banking, e-government, telecommunications, web computing and management systems.