About Department - Computer Multimedia Systems

·         About CMS Department:

The Multimedia degree is designed to prepare students to move into the next generation of multimedia production, manipulation and capitalizing on the new evolving technologies. Our program, as designed, prepares students to be employees of these industries by educating them to understand consumer demands and recognizing the mentality of convergence. Our degree requires a specialization in the areas of multimedia, but each student is also exposed to the various mediums of video, audio, image processing, web design and graphics. This unique format prepares our students thoroughly for the demands of employment in this changing face of technology and the work world.

·         Department Goals:

   Students will learn both the theoretical and technical aspects of multimedia design and production. They will know the science behind multimedia.

   Students will be introduced to Web production and the business process behind multimedia,

   Gaining design skills using computer and emerging technologies.

·         Program Objectives


Students will learn a wide variety of software tools and design principles that will allow them to create brochures, product packaging and newsletters for print, web sites, develop interactive CD-ROMs, manipulate graphics and illustrations, edit video and audio and create multimedia presentations of all sorts. Students will also learn how to develop an integrated visual identity package for a publicity and marketing campaign. The blend of classroom theory, hands-on assignments, and project-oriented lab work will provide practical experience and creative projects for the student’s portfolio at the end of the program.