Message From the Dean

Today's world is witnessing successive and rapid changes in all areas of life; it is not a place where the community is convinced to follow and imitate without creativity or to be dependent on the past without penetrating the prospects for the future. Therefore, we strive to achieve the strategy developed by the university in all fields related to methodology and extracurricular matrerial regarding academic work and scientific research in addition to the development of society and the activities of students compatible with the student’s personal interests scientifically, socially and psychologically to be well-prepared to become an active member in the community and well equipped to take responsibility with confidence and competence.

My Son Students:

The Deanship of Students Affairs is seeking through the Department of activities to achieve development and innovation in the quality of activities to keep pace with that seen in the fields of culture and creativity in relation to the development and diversity of cultural, artistic and sports fields. It also provides through the Student Services Department a number of services such as the provision of psycho-social counseling, care, health insurance and an office for follow-up and care of arrivals and an office to follow-up graduate students, in addition to the Office of the King Abdullah II Fund and other such services. The Deanship is keen to interact with  many of the pioneer and leading institutions in the areas of youth development such as the award of Prince Hassan and the Supreme Council for Youth and other such institutions. In conclusion, we wish our students a happy college life filled with accomplishments, activities and success.


Dean of Students Affairs
Dr. Sultan Freihat