About the Department

Overview of the Department:

The Department of Arabic at Isra University was established in 2002. It comprises a selection of distinguished and highly qualified members of the teaching staff who are specialized in all the genres of Arabic language and literature.

The message of the Department lies in providing qualified graduates of Arabic in order to meet the demands of various job opportunities. The Department also aims at strengthening the dimensions of open-mindedness and constructive dialogue between the graduates and others. It also tries to uphold linguistic and literature values in their practical lives, and to develop the skill of literary criticism to appreciate literature texts and to literately scientifically relish them.

The Department seeks to achieve excellence in teaching and research to keep pace with the latest global scientific advancements. It also aims to equip the graduates with both theoretical and practical skills as a service for our kingdom and for the Arab nation. In addition, Arabic is our concern as the formal language and the basic element of our everlasting identity.

The Department of Arabic is supplied with a language laboratory (computers and headsets for purpose educational) in order to train students and supply them with the practical skills, complementing the theoretical aspects in some of the academic courses (language, literature, history and Hebrew language).

Academic plan:

The Department of Arabic grants a B.A degree in Arabic Language and Literature. The academic plan focuses on providing students with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary to qualify them, to comply with the latest standards and levels. Consequently, the academic and guidance plans have been designed in cope with the latest scientific advancements, in preparing students to serve their society.

Student Activities:
The Department of Arabic focuses on motivating students to participate in the specialized cultural activities, and encourage them to attend and participate in the department’s seminars, lectures and workshops held at the college.

The Department’s Future Plans:
The Department of Arabic aspires, within its future developmental plan, to grant the Master degree (M.A) in Literature and Criticism, to be followed by the (M.A.) in Arabic morphology and syntax.