102099  Remedial English ( No CHs)*

While offering the students no credit hours, this three-contact-hour course is carefully designed to help those students whose basic language skills are seriously deficient and who can benefit from remedial exercises at the sentence and  paragraph levels.

102105  English Language (3 CHs) (P 102099)

This course aims at developing the student’s ability in all four language skills, especially reading and writing.  It emphasizes vocabulary enrichment and semantic and syntactic relationships on both the sentence level  and the paragraph level,  without neglecting the two skills of listening and speaking.

102110  Communicative Skills (3CHs) (P 102105)

This course continues to develop the language skills started in previous courses,  with special emphasis on writing, and on the language of law texts.


108108 Study Skills (3 CHs)

This course aims at improving the students' command of English and gives them skill and practice in using English as a language of instruction. English study skills taught in this course include skills such as: using English dictionaries, learning English vocabulary, writing an outline, improving reading, using a libme0mz and learning to pass examinations. Such skills will help students improve their study habits in English and improve their work in all the subjects they are studying



102114 Reading (1) (3 CHs)

The student practices different types of silent reading and oral reading through texts offering a variety of topics with the purpose of comprehension and analysis of major and minor ideas.


108116 Paragraph Writing (3 CHs ( P 102105)

In this course the student practices writing different sentences and paragraphs in English through the analysis of paragraphs which serve as models for the student's writing.

102117 Oral skills(1) (3CHs)

This course aims at enabling students to speak and practice the language through involving them in different daily situations.

108121 English Grammar (1)(3 CHs) ( P 102105)

This course aims at training the student to understand and use the basic structures, morphological components, and language functions of the English language.

102211 Précis Writing (3 CHs) (P 108116)

The student learns and practices how to summarize a variety of texts in clear and concise language that preserves the essence and flavour of the original texts.

108216 Essay Writing ( 3 CHs) (P 108116)

This course aims at promoting the student's writing level already attained through Course 102116 (Paragraph Writing). The student proceeds from developing a one-paragraph composition to writing a multi-paragraph essay structured according to traditional rhetorical modes.


108221 English Grammar (2)(3 CHs)(108221)

This course is a continuation of English Grammar (1); it presents advanced language structures not covered by the prerequisite.

108222 Introduction to Linguistics (3 CHs)( P 102105)

In addition to defining the different branches of linguistics, this course introduces the students to language as a communicative system and a human behavior related to other fields of knowledge. Applications are conducted in English (and Arabic when necessary).


108223 English Phonetics  (3 CHs)(P 102105)

This course presents the phonetic system of English with regard to aural production and reception. It also explains the concepts of distribution and contrast, offers practice in pronunciation and phonemic transcription, and deals with Arabic-English phonemic and phonetic contrast.


108224 English and Arabic Dictionaries and their Use  (3CH)          (P 102105)


Types of dictionaries (monolingual, bilingual, and trilingual) and using the same for translation purposes. Students review lexemes, polysemes, hyponemes and other lexical relations.  It also sheds light on the way a dictionary is compiled.  Students are drilled in using the dictionary in translation to refurbish their skills in choosing the right sense of the required word from among other alternatives.


102231 Introduction to English Literature (3 CHs) (P 102105)

As a prerequisite to any other literature course, this course gives an introduction to literature, liteme0mz trends, terms, types, and dimensions. The course also gives a brief view of the historical development of English literature. Liteme0mz texts are presented in modern English so as to be easily comprehended by beginning students of literature


102427 Sociolinguistics (3 CHs)(P 102222)

This course presents the main ideas related to the mutual influence of language and the community structure. It also deals with variation in language usage as required by situations in the everyday life of the individual, group, and nation.

108242 Drama (3 CHs) (P 102231)

This course seeks to familiarize the students with drama as a form of art through selections from world drama masterpieces. It also presents basic related terminology and analyzes some drama models and concepts such as tragedy, comedy, plot, and character.


108270 Theories and Types of Translation (3 CH)


Acquainting students with the world of academic translation and discussing major theories, types and history of translation, problems of equivalence, communicative theory, linguistic theory, and the relationship between translation studies and other fields such as pragmatics, semiotics and semantics


108281 General Translation(1) (3 CHs) (P 102105)

This course trains the student to use the monolingual English dictionary and then the bilingual English-Arabic dictionary and to translate English texts into Arabic with emphasis on common translation errors.

108322 Pragmatics and Discourse Analysis (3 CH) (108222)


This course is an introduction to main theories in pragmatics and language use focusing through relevant exercises on the situation of context and context of situation.  Students are introduced to the speech acts theory, cooperative principles, Grice’s maxims, text act theory, implicature and the relationship between pragmatics and other disciplines such as semantic, the communicative theory and semiotics.  Students also analyse different genres and registers in terms of text grammar, sentence grammar, text and intertext, context, reference, deixis, style, cohesion, coherence, situationality and intertextuality.  Students are specially engaged in relevant translation exercises.


108334 Selections of Translated World Literature  (3 CHs) ( 108381)


This course focuses on the translation of a selected variety of liteme0mz works translated by professionals and published by well-known publishers. It is a kind of liteme0mz translation that is especially oriented to training students in translating highly-ranked literature written by world prominent authors. Students are to be acquainted with the liteme0mz style and characterizing linguistic features of a number of masterpieces carefully selected for the challenging job of their translation.


108381 General Translation (2)( 3 CHs) (108281)

This course trains students to translate from English into Arabic in different areas of knowledge such as politics, diplomacy, sociology, and other fields. Texts will be more advanced than those translated in English 102372

108352 The Novel (3 CHs) (P 102231)

This course introduces students to the art of the novel, its basic structure, and major related terms through a detailed study of

Selected novels.

108423 Contrastive Grammar (3 CH) (108221)


Students compare and contrast the grammar systems of Arabic and English.  The comparison and contrast will be made in relation to word classes, verb tenses, phrases, clauses, subordination and coordination, sentence structure and punctuation.  Special attention is given to the translation of grammar constrained sentences exhibiting grammatical non-equivalence.


108424 Stylistics (3 CH)


This course is an introduction to stylistics where students are acquainted with the idea of the language as a system and subsystems.  The course touches on styles that differ with different cultures, idiolects and dialects, language variations, register theory, liteme0mz style and linguistic comparison and contrast of styles.  The student in this course is drilled on the same mentioned rubrics through relevant analytical and critical exercise.


 108334 Selections of Translated World Literature (3 CH)

This course focuses on the translation of a selected variety of liteme0mz works translated by professionals and published by well-known publishers. It is a kind of liteme0mz translation that is especially oriented to training students in translating highly-ranked literature written by world prominent authors. Students are to be acquainted with the liteme0mz style and characterizing linguistic features of a number of masterpieces carefully selected for the challenging job of their translation


108482 Semantics (3 CHs) (108222)

            This is an advanced course on linguistics, which is concerned with the study of 'meaning' in so far as it is encoded systematically within the vocabulary and grammar of language. It covers a wide variety of linguist aspects, and presupposes prior knowledge of some basic concepts. The objectives of the course is to make students aware of what meaning is, how it is structured or expressed within an academic or scientific framework, and how language functions at the level of meaning.


108471  Mass-Media Translation (3 CH) (P 108381) 

We choose selected texts from different sources (magazines, broadcasting through internet like B.B.C and C.N.N and others, newspapers and books; to name : political, media and journalistic topics) … etc and translate them professionally from English into Arabic and vise-versa.


108472  Specialized Translation / Administration and  Economics Translation (3 CH) (108381)


Students translate pieces on general concepts of economics like: macro and micro economics, GNP and DNP, global economy, economic development plans etc.  They also translate introductory articles about the nature of management, the manager’s roles and tasks, the organization structure and interrelations, schools of management, planning, controlling and other related concepts.  Main articles will come from encyclopedias and economic magazines.


108474 Liteme0mz Translation  (3 CH) (P 108381)

We choose selected texts from different sources such as professional liteme0mz books, like verse, prose and other liteme0mz colours in addition to magazines as well as other sources from internet then translate them professionally from English into Arabic of vise-versa.




108475  Specialized Translation / International  Relations and Legal  Translation (3 CH) (P 108381)


Students translate English and Arabic  introductory articles on political contempome0mz issues such as globalization, privatization, etc.  They also translate UN Security Council resolutions and parliamentary minutes.


108476 Specialized Translation / Science and Technology  (3 CH) (108381)


Students translate articles on modern scientific issues like cloning, recent technological advancement, the rise of new devices, and patents of inventions.



108477 Translation Criticism (3 CH) (P 108476)


This course aims to help students assess objectively various translated texts using fixed criteria so that the target language text may sound natural. More emphasis should be laid on translation criticism.



108483  Interpretation (1) (3CH) 108475


This course aims to help students come to grips with the strategies involved in simultaneous and consecutive interpreting with special emphasis on demands placed on the interpreter in different settings. The student will be exposed to different types of discourse.


108484  Interpretation (2) (3 CH) 108483


This course is a continuation of Oral Translation (1) where students will be exposed to advanced and more complicated types of discourse. 


108101 French 1 (3 CH)

This course an focuses on the phonetic bases of French with special attention paid to pronunciation and reading, regular verb inflections, the simple sentence, prepositions, definite articles, the interrogative and special vocabulary for daily language use.


108102 French 2 (3 CH ) 108101


Building on the already learnt information in French 1, the course attempts to acquaint students with appropriate understanding and appreciation of regular verb inflections and commonly used irregular verbs.  It also refurbishes the student’s ability to write sentences that will then emerge into simple paragraphs.  Students also learn words and terms with the framework of the French culture.

 108201 French 3 (3 CH) 108102


This course focuses on advance grammar of French, verb tenses, expressions and perception skills and advanced oral and written discoursing.

108202 French 4 (3 CH) 108201


In this course students are trained to translation from French into Arabic texts of specific interests in such fields as tourism, the law, science, etc.  The course highlights the skills and abilities already attained though the previous courses.


108326 Hebrew 1 (3CH)


Students are introduced to the Hebrew alphabets and they learn how to write the Hebrew characters (both handwritten and typed ones) then they are trained to pronounce the same through simplified texts prepared for this purpose.



108327 Hebrew 2 (3 CH) 101326


This course focuses on general principles of Hebrew concerning the structure of the sentence.  Students are also trained on using the Hebrew dictionary.


108426 Hebrew 3 (3 CH) 101326


In this course students are trained on writing simple sentences and texts.  Focus is also placed on conversation, speaking and listening skills.

108427 Hebrew 4 (3 CH) 108426


This course focuses on the principles of translation between Hebrew and Arabic and the application of these principles on a set of abridged texts designed specially for this purpose.