About the Department

General View:

Proceeding from the fact that English is the language of money, business and culture at the global level, translation to and from the English language is a necessity for the exchange of humanitarian knowledge. Thus, Translation major has become a specialty area for students to enter the job market in different fields, such as interpretation, different types of translation including media, legal, literary and administrative and financial translation, in addition to working in other fields of work such as tourism and public relations in the private and public institutions inside and outside Jordan. On July, 25, 2005, the Translation Department at the Faculty of Arts was accredited by Higher Education Council to grant Bachelor degree of English / Translation starting from 2005/2006. On August 8, 2007, the Commission for the Accreditation of Higher Education Institutions resolution No. (51), decided to increase the capacity of the major of Translation at Isra Private University to (195) students.




 1.    To prepare graduates who are qualified for the translation and interpretation of all kinds.

 2.    To focus on the role of translation in cultural interaction among nations.

 3.    To work on connecting translation with the process of Arabization.

 4.    To communicate with translation services in Arab and foreign universities.

 5.    To work on the translation of a series of books.



 A distinguished Translation Department that provides the job market with well - trained and highly qualified graduates who are able to work in the different areas of translation locally, nationally, and internationally.




Students of this department are given the chance to explore the latest scientific findings via up-to-date multimedia like the internet which helps to widen their cultural horizons and develop their communicative skills. The Translation Department provides the students with language laboratories which help them to improve their linguistic skills and develop their accent. In this department, the gifted and talented students are especially taken care of to develop their skills and talents. The department runs supporting courses in English language for all students who seek to improve their English language skills and be prepared for postgraduate studies. Besides, the Translation Department develops the scientific knowledge of the students in both its theoretical and practical fields by the efforts of well-experienced and highly qualified teaching staff members.


The Academic Program

Students graduate from the Translation Department after fulfilling the requirements of the study plan which includes specialized courses in translation. Moreover, this Department offers unique chances for the graduate to master more than one language through his four-year learning process and to benefit from the competition in job market.



Students' Activities:

There are plenty of extracurricular activities practiced in the language club where modern devices are made use of to promote learning such as the internet, DVD, TV channels in different languages besides aural/visual aids. This department boosts the chances of developing the scientific culture and cognition of the students. Through the language club, the student is enabled to do different activities such as taking part in cultural and creative competitions to win materialistic and moral prizes. It's worth mentioning that the Faculty of Arts at Isra University provides unique chances of cultural exchange for the students of Arabic English and translation departments with cultural consultants for embassies of neighboring countries through holding international conferences on languages and translation. Moreover, special open days of languages and translation are hosted every year, aiming at promoting human understanding and cross-cultural debate.

Department Future plans:


To cope with its development, the Translation Department is in the process of implementing an MA program in Translation as such program is pending on hiring one or two specialized staff members of professorship status.