About the Department

Overview of the Department:

The Psychology Department at Isra University was established in 2011. It is considered the most current psychology department in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Due to the university’s resolution in establishing a department specialized in teaching psychology in a cohesive and comprehensive manner both theoretically and practically. It has benefitted from the expertise of the local and international universities having prominent psychology departments. This has granted the Psychology Department at Isra University an outstanding reputation ever since its inauguration as it locally possesses unprecedented research capabilities.

Message of the Department:
The message of the Department lies in focusing on preparing qualified psychologists in order to meet the demands of society. The department also aims to draw up a developmental plan to raise public awareness of psychological services with a professional educational methodology.

Vision of the Department:

The Department seeks to achieve excellence in teaching and research in psychology and its various branches in order to keep pace with the latest global scientific advances in the field. It also aims to prepare graduates who are optimally equipped both theoretically and practically, by providing them with the necessary technical skills to succeed in their mission as psychologists, thus qualifying them to function with high competency in various professions in the field.


The Department is supplied with a clinic and a psychiatry lab, outfitted with the latest scientific equipment and psychometrics, in order to train students and supply them with the practical skills complementing the theoretical aspects in some of the academic courses. The Psychology Department provides courses pertaining to clinical, developmental, social, industrial and organizational, neurological, and cognitive aspects.

Academic plan:

The Psychology Department has granted the first graduate degree (Bachelor’s degree) in psychology ever since its establishment. The academic plan focuses on providing students with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary to qualify psychologists, in accordance with the latest standards and levels. Consequently, the academic and guidance plans have been designed along with the latest scientific advancements, preparing psychology students for the bachelor’s degree stage and supplementing them with the practical aspect.

Student Activities:

The Department focuses on motivating students to participate in the specialized cultural activities, encouraging them to attend and participate in the department’s seminars, lectures and workshops held at the college.

The Department’s Future Plans:

The Psychology Department at Isra University aspires, in its future developmental plan, to provide quality academic and practical programs on the higher education level by keeping pace with the ongoing needs of the educational field and the advancements in the field of preparing and training psychologists. The Department also seeks to maintain an active participation in local community services.