About Faculty


The faculty was established in 1991 by the Council of Higher Education No. 631 issued on October 9, 1991.

This is the same date when Al-Isra University started accepting students after fulfilling all academic, technical and material requirements.

In the academic year 1991/1992 the faculty accepted 59 students and had four faculty members covering the main branches of law. At the moment, the faculty is considered to be one of the top faculties in Jordan in regards to the number of students and faculty members.


To have highly qualified law graduates in different branches of law to contribute in serving the community and the ability to compete in the legal labor market.

To give our graduates a competitive advantage nationally and regionally.

  1. Providing a distinguished level of education to our students.
  2. Creating a legal generation that has a solid back ground in different branches of law by focusing on theoretical and particle aspects of legal education.
  3. Providing graduates with the needed skills in compete in the various areas of legal professions.
  4. Contributing in amending and developing legislation in cooperation with concerned bodies.
  5. serving the community by providing trainings, seminars, workshops and legal studies