Course description

403760  Applied Mathematics in Structural Engineering

Linear algebra: matrices; eigenvalues and eigenvectors; tensor algebra; systems of ordinary differential equations; partial differential equations; Laplace and Fourier transforms; calculus of variations

403765  Advanced Structural Mechanics

Analysis of stress; equilibrium equations; analysis of strain; compatibility relations; fundamental equations of elasticity; failure criteria; bending of beams; torsion of prismatic bars; beams on elastic foundation; buckling of columns.


403766  Advanced Structural Analysis

Theoretical development and computer implementation of direct stiffness method of structural analysis; virtual work principles; computation of element stiffness matrices and load vectors; direct assembly procedures; equation solution techniques. Analysis of two- and three-dimensional truss and frame structures, thermal loads, and sub-structuring and condensation techniques for large systems.


403767  Structural Dynamics

Dynamic analysis of single and multiple degrees of freedom systems under dynamic loads; natural frequencies and normal modes of vibration; support motion; response spectra; free and forced vibrations of continuous systems under dynamic loads; modal analysis

403772  Finite Element Analysis

Fundamental concepts and techniques of primal finite element methods. Method of weighted residuals, Galerkin's method and variational equations. Linear elliptic boundary value problems in one, two and three space dimensions; applications in structural and solid mechanics . analysis of discrete and continuous systems in free and forced vibration; finite element formulation; modal analysis; numerical methods; Properties of standard element families and numerically integrated elements. Implementation of the finite element method using Matlab, assembly of equations, and element routines. Lagrange multiplier and penalty methods for treatment of constraints.


403773  Advanced Steel Structures Design

Plastic design for beams; Design for stability of beam-columns;  Bolted and welded connections; Shear and moment connections; Plate girders; Composite floor systems.


403774  Advanced Concrete Structures Design

Introduction, structural behaviour of reinforced concrete beams, moment/curvature, moment redistribution,  axially loaded members with biaxial bending moment, two way slabs: equivalent frame method, shear and moment transfer, yield line method, Strip method, strut-and-tie method of design: corbels and deep beams, shear walls, anchoring to concrete.


403771  Prestressed Concrete Structures

Material for prestressing; design for flexure; partial losses; design for shear; deflection and crack control; design of two-way slabs.


403770  Theory of Elastic Stability

Basic concepts of stability; bifurcation points; elastic buckling of bars and frames; beam-column theory; buckling of thin plates; buckling of thin shells; dynamic analysis of stability; energy based methods of analysis.


403775   Seismic Design of Structures

Evaluation, design, and construction of structures in seismic regions. Factors influencing earthquake ground motions, design spectra, design of linear and nonlinear single- and multiple-degree-of-freedom-system structures, force-based and displacement-based design methods, capacity design, detailing and construction of steel and reinforced concrete structures, introduction to performance-based design, seismic isolation, and energy dissipation.


403775   Blast and Impact effects on structures

Explosion & blast phenomenon, explosive air blast loading, effects of internal explosions, structural , response to blast loading, properties of concrete under high-strain rates, technical design for blast resistant

403775  Sustainable Concrete Technology

Durability Design of Concrete, Fly Ash; Properties & Application, Lightweight Concrete using Lightweight Aggregate, Recycled Coarse Aggregate & Slag; Properties & Application, Reactive Powder Concrete


403776  Optimization Techniques

Concept of optimization, what is design optimization techniques, building of mathematical models, application of model in structure, maximizing benefit/minimizing cost in construction processes, optimal allocation of resources. Classical and modern method of optimization ''Kuhn Tucker condition method, multipliers method, linear programming, integer linear programming, non-linear programming, probabilities theory and multi criteria decision making''.



403778  Construction Projects Management

Categories of construction project, contract strategy, construction project planning, construction project scheduling, Scheduling in repetitive project, resource management, time-cost trade off, construction project cash flow, risk analysis in construction project, cost and time control by using earned value method.


403779  Advanced Foundation Engineering

Overview to foundation types and analyses, design considerations of shallow foundations, structures on elastic foundation, advanced design and construction of driven and drilled deep foundations, Machine foundations subjected to dynamic loads, foundations under seismic loads, Soil-structure interaction effects, foundations on collapsible and expansive soils


403781  Special Topics in Structural Engineering