The objectives of the Master of accounting

Accounting Department

(Master Degree)


Accounting department has been established at Business Faculty of Isra University in 1991, to contribute to providing the human energy and resources that are scientifically qualified in accounting sciences, as well as to meet the various needs of different local and Arab institutions in the public and private sectors in this area.

The Department offers postgraduate program (Master). The program is accredited by the Council for Higher Education in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan during the academic year 2012/2013.

Department Vision:

The Excellence and innovation culture has been adopted by the Department through the application of concepts and practices of continuous self- development of Academic and administrative capacities in the Accounting Department/ Business Faculty at Isra University to improve the quality of accounting education outputs in a way that achieve adaption with today’s challenges and consistency with ethical and professional conduct rules of the workers in Accounting and auditing profession.


Department Mission:

The activation of the serious work and constructive participation in elevating the capacity and high competencies within certain systems and mechanisms to reach excellence and innovation environment, including:

ü  Preparation of qualified and distinguished educational outcomes (graduated studies) in accounting, with high capacity and good competencies to meet the needs of the market and society.

ü  Raise the abilities and competencies of faculty members at the competitive level of education requirements.

ü  Mainly serve the local community and Arab society in general by providing the required studies and accounting consultancy.

Department Objectives:

ü  The preparation of qualified and competent staff work in the field of accounting, auditing and education.

ü  Meet the needs of the local and Arab market, in both public and private sectors, of the Human resources who have the knowledge, scientific and practical ability in Accounting.

ü  Enhancing the educational and teaching standard through the adoption of the best and most recent information and scientific development and facilities provided by the theories and IT technology and communication.

ü  Holding scientific conferences and workshops in the field of accounting.


ü  Transparency

ü  Integrity

ü  Justice

ü  Continuing education and community service.