About the Faculty of Literatures

Faculty's beginning

The Faculty of Arts was established in 1991 along with the ambitious start of Isra University which aims to prepare highly qualified leaders in their fields. It also attempts to achieve the university's goals as stipulated in the Jordanian Private University Legislation i.e. teaching, conducting scientific research and serving the local community. Ever since, the faculty has been developing at full capacity till it occupies a prestigious position with regard to the majors, staff and graduates compared with other universities.

Majors and Programs

At present, the faculty offers the following majors: Arabic, English, Translation, and Psychology.

Faculty's councils and committees.

  • Faculty's council.
  • Arabic Dept.
  • English Dept.
  • Translation Dept.
  • Psychology Dept.
  • Language Center


The Faculty of Arts aspires to equip its students with knowledge and the required skills to compete with other graduates. Mastering Arabic language, English language and translation are some of these core skills.

 Faculty Message

As a matter of fact, Faculty of Arts generally enjoys a distinguished position compared with other faculties. This is derived from the nature and variety of departments they comprise. The Faculty of Arts, which was established with the inauguration of Isra University in 1991, includes the following departments: Dept. of Arabic, Dept. of English, Dept. of Psychology, Dept. of Translation, in addition to the Language Centre which offers courses to the university students in general.

Faculty staff work hard to uplift this renowned body to enjoy a leading rank among Jordanian, Arab and international universities. It is highly concerned with the religious concepts as well as all attached ways of thinking, culture and civilization. As exposure to other cultures is of great importance, the faculty has paid careful attention to English language due to its international significance. Therefore, Dept. of English is the largest of all departments of the faculty.

As translation is the proper means of bridging the cultural gaps and fulfilling the faculty's task in terms of establishing the methods of constructive dialogue, the department of translation grants B.A degree to translation major students. This department offers different courses to enable students to grasp both theory and practice. Besides, it offers courses in French and Hebrew. The Language Centre offers compulsory courses in Arabic and English. The centre is further equiped with language labs.

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 GK Typography Tabs Code Article RokBox Image Page Breaklty has embarked on a program for teaching Arabic to non-native speakers in order to meet the needs of both national and international students. The faculty also manages a language club to enable students to practise different language-related activities and organise a variety of events.