Faculty of Educational Sciences Overview

The Faculty of Educational Sciences was established on October 1,2002, as the first of its kind in Private Universities. Its principal missions have been outlined to prepare and qualify graduate students. The Faculty has been able to support large numbers of educationally and academically well- qualified B.A degree holders to job market, to the extent that a graduate of the Faculty of educational sciences at al-Isra university has become the center of educators' admiration and trust.

The Faculty of Educational sciences has the following departments:

- Class Teacher department: this department embarks up on preparing competent and creative teachers able to stand up to current educational change, committed to serve their country and leadership, and shouldering the responsibility for

 developing the teaching process.

-Child Education department: this department helps in graduating students who are practically qualified and equipped with knowledge to support the country's institutions that are concerned with the child's care. All these procedures are meet accreditation quality assurance demands, regarding qualities with highly professional efficiency.

-Department of Supportive Studies: This department helps in developing the occupational, Cognitive , and intellectual abilities, as will as the applied skills of students in different majors. The department inculcates motional and religious ideals in students and activate the role of practicing these ideals in daily life. The department , moreover , aims at enhancing the students ' characters and developing their research abilities through  distinguished  scientific manner .

A Curriculum for master Degree has been set up in kindergarten department , which in the first on to be concurred with this fundamental field in Jordanian state Universities .Efforts have also been intensified to establish  new  bachelor  majors that will be given great consideration and attention. Due to the great importance which Jordan shows to the child , the faculty of Educational Sciences , represented by  the child  Education  department , has taken the responsibility torward the call for  child  protection and rights . this has been done thought establishing  center for  child rights , holding an international conference on Child Rights from Legal and Educational Perspectives , and designing workshop involved in topics on creative and safe childhood. In 2009 , through the progress of the faculty , their were many important academic development such as the inauguration of a centre for vocational training of staff members, a center for educational techniques ,and unit for assessment and evaluation ,whose target is to cope the scientific developments that sweep the world .

With these technical, academic ,and cognitive development the necessity for the faculty’s expansion and the diversity of its utilities ,buildings ,and accomplishments has arisen .therefore ,a garden has been designed ,affiliated to the Faculty of Educational Sciences, to give an aura of quietness and serenity to the atmosphere of work.

Our faculty is a quit commented to fulfill its mission aiming at irrevocable promotion through the since effort’s of its staff to reach the most prestigious level among highly qualitative education faculties .