About IT Faculty


As computers have become a part of everyday life, the demand for professionals in computer science has increased phenomenally. The faculty’s programs are structured to teach students theoretical and practical principles of the design and development of information and computer systems. Students also learn to analyze and build systems and applications of software. Programs also prepare students to be able to undertake graduate level studies in any field of information technology. Although the faculty’s main objective is teaching, the programs encourage faculty members to be engaged in research projects. Moreover, they contribute to the continuous learning of the society by offering different courses and training.


The faculty's mission is to provide the best possible educational experience for the widest possible range of students in Jordan and the surrounding countries. It aims at responding actively to the needs of local and national communities.It offers a high quality learning environment and flexible education media for all learners.The ultimate goal is to provide high quality graduates with essential skills to participate in developing the country from all aspects.