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Faculty of Information Technology

About Faculty of Information Technology


The faculty of Information Technology (IT) was founded in 1991 to keep abreast of the remarkable development and technical progress that has begun to affect our lives, which requires educated, trained and qualifiedpeople, who are capable of fulfilling the comprehensive renaissance of all fields.

The faculty of IT encompasses recently Five specialties for B.Sc. program, which are: Computer Science, Computer Science / Computer Networks, Computer Science / Multimedia, Software Engineering, and Computer Information Systems. For M.Sc. program, we pioneered the establishment of the first Master of Software Engineering program in Jordan.

The IT faculty aims to level up the educational process according to the latest international quality standards, to continue supporting scientific research by encouraging researchers to build effective cooperation with universities and research centers at the localyand worldwide so the faculty can achieve its goals.


The faculty of IT is looking forward to a pioneering positionin education and research in the IT fieldslocally and internationally.


Achieve our vision, which will lead our students to the excellence level. Achiving the vision is realized by enhancing student’sknowldge and skills required to meet the needs of the software industry - locally internationally- with great effectiveness.

Learning Objectives:

  • To graduate competent and specialized peoplehaving the required skills to meet the needs of the growing IT market.
  • To develop and to improve study plans to meet the needs of the IT market in accordance the standards of internationquality assurance.
  • To promote the use of e-learning to become a cornerstone of the educational process.
  • To givea great deal of attention to scientific research for promoting knowledge production and use.
  • To focus on developingstudents’ leadership and creativity skills to encourage them to work as a team for contributing development of society.


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