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first semester

Academic Calendar 2017/2018

Morning and Evening Programs

First Semester 2017/2018

1-10-2017 Sunday

Beginning of the academic year

attendance for facultystaff
8-10-2017 Sunday Beginning of the First Semester( Add/Drop period, and placement tests; English, Arabic, and Computer skills)
12-10-2017 Thursday End of Add/Drop period
15-10-2017 Sunday First day of classes
15-10-2017 Sunday Start of withdrawal period(without reimbursement of fees)
19-11-2017 to 30-11-2017 Sunday-Sunday First Examination period
24-12-2017 to 4-1-2018 Sunday-Thursday Second Examination period
25-12-2017 Monday The anniversary of the prophets`birth
1-1-2018 Monday Newyears`eve
4-1-2018 Thursday Deadline for master theses defense
7-1-2018 Sunday Start of early registration for the Second Semester
7-1-2018 Sunday  End of withdrawal period (without reimbursement of fees)
21-1-2018 to 1-2-2018 Sunday-Thursday Final Examinations
4-2-2018 Sunday Deadline for submission of results to the Admission and Registration Department
4-2-2018 to 17-2-2018 Sunday-Saturday Start of between-semester recess, and organizing faculty staff vacations in accordance with deans and heads of department per work requirements