To build capacity of the faculty of nursing to stabilize the program and ensure continuous quality management, meet aspirations, and the standards of accreditation.

- Continuous quality management approach is adopted to ensure quality of the program and the product of the program

- Examinations review process adopted to ensure quality examinations level that meets international standards where every exam is reviewed to ensure structure, level, and covered domains.

- Strong work system is put in place with proper policies, procedures, and plans.

- Curriculum revision; four brain storming sessions and workshops were held to review current curriculum to introduce concept based and competency based curriculum considering latest trends in the curriculum development in nursing. The faculty agreed on five main domains as a framework for the curriculum.

- Two scholarships were awarded in 2015 to study abroad.

- Training session for the faculty on electronic learning. The faculty members participated in different training sessions offered by IT department.

- The faculty is currently working on developing up to date simulation lab.

- The faculty of nursing is currently preparing a 6 month professional diploma on Kidney dialysis, which will be launched by October, 2015.

- Workshops are planned on October, 2015 to finalize curriculum reform. In the mean time each faculty member will develop competencies related to courses within his/her area of specialty.

- The faculty ensured strong syllabus for each course that will be reviewed during summer semester according to the new curriculum.

- The faculty is following up on students’ clinical training and obtaining continuous feedback from clinical settings.

- Academic development workshop for faculty team entitled “Academic development: Basic requirement of quality standards” on 20/10/2014.

- The faculty attended the specialized palliative care course entitled “Pain Management in Palliative Care” by Dr.Mohammed Abo-Shanak and supported by the Jordanian Palliative Care Association on 22/5/2014.

- The nursing faculty participated in a conference day about “Integrating the Role of Clinical Nurse Specialist into Health Care System” at the University of Jordan on 21/5/2014.

- The faculty signed an MOU within university of Michigan in 2013.

- The faculty is in the process of signing a mutual agreement with friends of Kidney Patients Society - Jordan to conduct a 6 month diploma training advanced course in Kidney dialysis.

- The faculty is currently working on signing an agreement with the Specialty Hospital for joint innovative model for students’ training.

- The faculty represented by the dean in the Arab Scientific Council and attended it’s meetings and exchange session and conferences.

- The faculty attended the executive committee for the Arab Scientific Council and research exchange sessions in Beirut, Lebanon in April. 2015.

- The faculty represented by Department Head who participated and headed the national committee for competency based curriculum workshop held on 10-11/6/2015.

- The faculty is represented by the dean in the private universities deans of nursing meeting at the Jordanian Nursing Council to discuss issues and concerns. 

- The nursing faculty and students organized a picnic for the elderly group at Dar Al Deyafeh as a voluntary activity where they picked up the elderly people from the nursing home to Ghamadan on 13/05/2015.

- The nursing faculty visited the nursing home on 25/1/2015 as a voluntary activity organized by students and faculty members. The visit included:

 Health assessment activities for the elderly.

 Distribution of winter clothes as gifts from students and faculty

§  And social activities.

 - Participation in the international cancer day at World Health Organization initiative "WHO" in 2014.

- The faculty represented by the dean participated in the 16th general assembly meeting for the Council of Scientific Association of Colleges of Nursing / King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for health science in Jeddah – Saudi Arabia On 16-17/12/2014:

 A seminar entitled "Symposium on contempome0mz Trend on Nursing Education, Research and Practice".

 A workshop entitled "self-evaluation of academic programs".

 - Nursing faculty participated in the national conference held by Jordanian Nursing Council represented by the dean in the planning as a scientific committee member and moderated one of the main sessions.

- The nursing faculty visited the nursing home (Dar Shamma for elderly) on 23/11/2014.

- The nursing faculty voluntary day and the nursing tent for the service of the local community at Al-Isra University on 15/5/2014 included:

 Health assessment activities and health education.

 Presentation about the corona virus.

- The faculty participated in the International day for mental health at Asia High school on 12/10/2014.

- The faculty planned voluntary medical day at Al-Za'atari on 19/4/2014.

- The faculty participated along with the students in designing many educational pamphlets and posters for hospitals in Amman, like Al-Bashir, Prince Hamzah, Jordan university hospital, Islamic hospital and Royal Medical Services hospitals during the second semester 2013/2014.

 - The faculty was awarded funds for the amount of 87000 for a research proposed by the Department Head and the Dean to evaluate the new curriculum and outcome indicators where different tools were used to measure clinical judgment, critical thinking, disposition, and self reflection.

- The faculty currently involved in a research project to determine the perceived competencies as required for the registered nursing practice.

- The nursing faculty launched the fifth Scientific Day named: “Nursing Workforce in Jordan: Trends and Challenges in Supply and Education” that included scientific oral presentations by nursing leaders in Jordan and students’ poster competition.

- Faculty participation in a conference entitled “Research Opportunities to increase quality and decrease cost” in Australia on 12/2014.

 - Dr. Mahmood Shahin participated in a paper presentation in the 2nd Mediterranean Interdisciplinary Forum on Social Sciences and Humanities, MIFS 2014, Spain, paper title “Assessment of Nutritional Status in the Intensive Care: A Cross-Sectional Study of Nurses”, Jordanian ICU on 26-27-28/11/2014.

- The faculty attended the 1st nursing conference for Jordan University Hospital entitled “New Trends in Nursing Care” on 28/10/2014.

- The faculty participated in a scientific day at University of Jordan called "Advances in Diabetic foot Care" on 27/4/2014.

- The nursing faculty participated in the 5th International Conference for Master and Doctorate Thesis in the University of Jordan – presentation of the PhD thesis on 23-24/4/2014.

- The fourth national scientific day of the faculty of nursing at Al-Isra University in 10/4/2014 which was about “Accreditation Experience in Jordanian Hospitals: Opportunities and Challenges” on 10/4/2014.

and Humanities, MIFS 2014, Spain, paper title “Assessment of Nutritional Status in the Intensive Care: A Cross-Sectional Study of Nurses”, Jordanian ICU on 26-27-28/11/2014.

- The faculty held best poster competition for the student, and the name of the of the winners announced in the scientific day on 5/5/2015.

- The faculty team attended in the Fourth International Conference on Public Health at Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia on 28-30/8/2014.

- The faculty participated a symposium on Palliative care entitled "Assessment and evaluation of pain in Palliative care" at Isra University on 22/5/2014.

 - The faculty continues to put efforts on identifying ways to keep the students flow through its links and :

  * Open door policy

  * Strong academic counseling system

  * Individual attention to different students’ issues

- Developing training program as Kidney dialysis course which will be launched by October 2015.

- Developing simulation lab.

- The faculty is in a process of adopting new model for training students which expects to improve training through preceptor ship program, and reduce cost.

- The process is being negotiated with hospital, and memorandom of understanding will be signed with partner hospital by August.