Department of Cultural Activities

Cultural activities are one of the most important tools of elevating the student culture and thought. In fact it is an imperative in this day and age of information revolution and rapid advancement of means of communication around the world.


Main Duties:

1. Preparing students to participate in cultural, artistic, religious and social activities.

2. Organizing voluntary and awareness-raising activities.

3. Planning scientific and recreational trips.

4. Holding cultural contests in poetry, novels, essays and recitations.

5. Participating in festivals, national days, religious occasions and setting up accompanying art exhibitions.

6. Nurturing and developing student's talents in the various cultural, scientific and liteme0mz fields.

7. Connecting the students to their society and nation through cultural activities.

8.  Participating in organizing festivals, seminars, symposiums and other activities.


The Deanship of Student Affairs aims to contribute in developing university youth by shaping their characters in a mold of balance and integration. It seeks to nurture and guide their potentials and talents towards productivity while also connecting them to their community and reinforcing their affiliation to their homeland and nation.