Sports activities department

The Sports Activities Department of the Student Affairs Deanship at Isra University is a hive of activity that seeks to engage the largest number possible of students in the various sports activities, and to ensure their active interaction with the local community.

The Sports Department embodies the role associated with the syllabus which aims for personal development and refinement of student character within the modern educational frames. The department undertakes multiple duties to conduct the various sports activities in harmony with educational and scientific objectives.

Department Services

1. Spreading athletic awareness and broadening the base of students participating in the various sports activities.

2. Attracting and supporting athletes from various national teams, national clubs, and directories of education.

3. Collaborating with the local community in ensuring the success of the various joint sports activities programs.

4. Developing a balanced character among university students: physically, psychologically, mentally and socially.

5. Celebrating national and religious occasions.

6. Raising the skill level of the various sports teams members at Isra University.


Mission and Future Goals

1. Setting plans and timetables for all sports activities.

2. Organizing tournaments on and off campus. 

3- Holding championships for faculty and personnel.

4- Providing access to the facilities of the university to the local community.

5- Taking part in activities and programs of other universities, unions and sports clubs with the aim of extending areas of cooperation.

6- Hosting advanced training courses in collaboration with the international and Asian unions.

7- Admitting students excelling in sports in line with the university’s message of supporting athletics and athletes.


Sports facilities

1-    Isra University has an international soccer stadium equipped with a natural-grass pitch in addition to a track and field course.

2-    Isra University houses a sports auditorium accommodating 3000 persons. It is a multi-purpose hall (swimming pools, physical fitness and squash).


Isra University has a leading role in supporting sports activities at the local, Arab and international levels through its modern facilities.