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Wednesday, 06 April 2016 00:00

Announcement to the university students of the population of the regions of Naour and Qweismeh

   The King Abdullah II Fund / Deanship of Student Affairs declares, in collaboration with the foundation "Injaz", to participate in the program "We Are  society leaders" which is emanating from the project "WASL" which aims to promote the concept of social entrepreneurship which regard to issues of population and family planning.

   The program will be in three phases (The Theoretical Phase , The Practical Phase , the Final Competition Phase), and at the end of the program Winners of the competition will be announced and they will be awarded a financial support .

   Students who wish to participate in this program who are living in the regions of Naour and Qweismeh may register with the King Abdullah II Fund/ the Deanship of Student Affairs .


Head of King Abdullah II Fund

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