على جميع الطلبة الغير مسددين لكافة رسوم الفصل الأول المستحقة عليهم مراجعة الدائرة المالية قبل تاريخ 1/12/2017 لتسديد الذمم المالية المترتبة عليهم تجنباً للغرامات وتجنباً من تطبيق ماهو منصوص عليه في تعليمات خصم الطلبة التفاصيل

Bases of Bridging

                                                                   BASES OF BRIDGING

FIRST:Community college diploma holders are acceptd at aminmum average of 68% in all programs, except for the faculties of pharmacy and engineering as they requier average of 70% and above regardless of their average in general secandary, the equation maximum of 55 hours , provided the success of the subjet.


SECOND:Non jordanian students who are interested in bridging and they have got of community college diploma from inside or outside jordan, provided equation the diploma from ministry of higher education and scientific research, the equation maximum of 55 hours provided success of subject, and above regardless of their average in general secondary or diploma.



THIRD:Allows for jordanian students who have got of community college diploma (comprehensive examination) and who are want to join university and unrealized the bases of bridging equation the subjects which have been studied in the community college , as follows:

A:The equation maximum of(30)hours without regard to the subject mark.

B:Its must be the average in general secondary qualifies for admission in the university according to admission requirement.



FOURTH:Its allows for students of diploma college degree holders community three system years and four years (who are not covered by the comprehensive exam system) apply directly to the universities of the bridge provided the lead qualifying for the exam which hold by AL_BALQA university for the purpos of bridging and the success rate of at least 68% except for the students who want to bridging disciplines of pharmacy and engineering where required that at least their rate in this exam for 70%.