Meeting of the Omani cultural Attache with students at Al-Isra University Featured

Meeting of the Omani cultural Annex with students at  Al-Isra University

ProfessorBassam Al-Malkawiwelcomedthe Omani Cultural Annexat his office and in the presence of the dean of the Faculty of Business, ProfessorMahmoud Nour, the Dean of the Student Affairs,Dr. Sultan Freihat,the assistant of the president for international affairs,Dr. Gidaa Aburmman,the head of the cultural and public relations department.

The meeting was also attended by the Chairman of the Board of Directors, General Manager Eng. Maher Al-Ghalayini.

This meeting came to strengthen cooperation between the University andthe Omani Cultural Attaché

The Omani cultural  Annex listened to the Omani students' observations, and at the end of the meeting, the Omani Cultural Annex delivered a shield to the president.

Tuesday 27/3/2018