Courses Service

 Faculty of Arts


About the Unit:

This unit comprises several required courses which provide students with a variety of basic skills. The unit offers this course to be taught by specialized and distinguished instructors whose goal is to serve the Jordanian community in order to achieve excellence in education with all its affiliation, in compliance with international quality assurance standards. The interaction between instructors and students prompts the latter to develop a sound logical thinking in research.



Unit message:

The message of the unit springs from its concern to be a pioneer in serving the community through a' variety of academic fields, education and scientific research in order to cope with the standards of quality assurance of national and international universities. It also aims at: upgrading competence, developing programs and methods of providing teaching holes of teaching , the convenient education melieu, securing securing requirements needed for society development, and helping to solve scientific and practical problems.

To be an active department in the college, it offers a qualitative educational, historical, higenic, national, political, and ideological contributions through offering courses that help develop student skills and talents that reflect individual creativities and introduce students to new cultures. 


Strategic plan

In compliance with the orientation of Isra University, the strategic plan of the unit endeavors to establish principles of scientific research for future plans that meet the aspirations of the university. It also aims to introduce a comprehensive change that raises up higher education and scientific research to international levels that can  meet present and future challenges. It also works to develop courses in order to cope with accreditation measures and the scientific level of students of the unit.

To achieve such goals, the coordination department unit suggests the following working plan : 

1-      Applying the comprehensive accreditation administration in all services and activities contributed by the faculty by focusing on qualitative outcomes and simplifying measures to provide the best services to both students and coordinators of the faculty.   

2-      Developing the performance of staff through thrush participating in specialized training courses in e-learning learning, communication skills, and class administration. 

3-      Preparing programs and activities for students'. orientation in order to raise up their intellectual, moral , and behavioral  standards  in addition to creating in them the spirit of work as one team and to respect opinions of others .

4-      Cooperating with local organizations to implement workshops and hold conferences concerned with development.


Unit Objectives :

The unit of services, by offering courses, aim at helping students develop their mental, cognitive, and practical skills as demonstrated in:

1-      Their awareness toward recent intellectual currents.

2-      Build and develop the student's personality and strengthen his scientific and research abilities through distinguished scientific methods. 

3-      Obtain the necessary knowledge related to society organizing and development in order to create basic skills which can actively play a role in the sooty.

4-      Get acquainted with psychology, its issues, theories, and methods with the purpose of Creating positive useful creative skills, in addition to identity development. It also aims at promoting dialogue skills, tolerance, accepting others and multifarious human , social , and cultural trends.

5-      Advise students academically, psychologically, and socially through the services provided by the student social and advisory body.     

6-      Participate in developing students skills and potentials through extra- curricular activities the unit offers via seminars, training courses and contests    

7-      Participate in community services by what the unit offers via courses seminars, and workshops.

8-      Implant religious and national values in students and put that into practice in daily life.