Values and Duties

Values of the Deanship of Student Affairs:


Swiftness in facilitating duties, an aspiration towards perfection and confidentiality in handling your information.   


 Duties of the Deanship of Students’ Affairs:


The Deanship of student Affairs undertakes the following main duties:


1. Engaging students with many cultural, scientific, artistic, social, athletic, and skill developing activities and programs.


2. Providing students with counselling, guidance and other aspects of mental health care.


3. Providing students with suitable accommodation per university regulations.


4. Providing students with many facilitations such as: on-campus medical care, hospital referrals, receiving medical reports and forwarding them to different faculties, and following-up with official governmental bodies regarding international students’ affairs.


5. Supervising catering services for university celebrations, meetings and seminars.


6. Participating with other university units in programs for raising awareness, general services and promoting tourism in the area.


7. Participating in providing an attractive and secure university environment which respects students’ privacy and ensures individuals’ rights.