Goals of the Deanship


The goals of Deanship of Students Affairs are derived from the goals of the university and the policies of the Ministry of Higher Education in the kingdom which include:


1. Refining the student’s personality and shaping it in a balanced way.


2. Involving students in extracurricular activities in order to develop their talents, accentuate their abilities and encourage them to invest their free time in a productive way that enables them to help improve their society.


3. Supporting and encouraging creativity and scientific innovations.


4. Inspiring a spirit of active participation and cooperation among students, as well as improving relationships between students and their professors to create a positive learning atmosphere.


5. Strengthening students’ loyalty towards their nation and country.


6. Helping disabled students and encouraging distinguished ones.


7. Broadening students’ cultural, artistic and creative horizons with the aim of spreading this open-minded outlook through the community.