Gifts From Organizations and Individuals

* Organizations' Gifts:


1. Irbid National University.

2. ESCWA Organization.

3. National Committee.

4. National Council for Family Affairs.

5. Amman Stock Exchange.

6. Abu-Ghazaleh Group.

7. AL- Mansoura University.

8. Institute of Public Administration.

9. Central Bank.

10. Abdul Hamid Shoman Institution.

11. British Council.

12. King Fahad compound for Research and Islamic Study.

13. Center For Gulf and Arabian Peninsula.


* Gifts From Individuals: -


1. Professor Numan EL-Khatib, ex- president of Isra University

2. Professor Adel Ali, ex-Dean of the Faculty of Law

3. Family of the late Ismail Abdulla AL-Kiswani

4. Professor Zakaria Ad-Duri/ ex- Dean of Scientific Research

5. Mazen As- Sakit, ex-director of Civil Service office

6. Dr. Bilal Sakarni

7. Ratib Al- Wazani, ex- chairman of legislative Council

8. Tharwat AL-Talhuni, ex-chairman of the National Library Department

9. Professor Khalid Al-Karaki, ex- President of Jordan University

10. Dr. Jinan Al-Ali

11. Mamdooh Hayel As-Sroor, Secretary General of the commission for Coordination of Social Solidarity

12. Professor Abdul Bari Durra

13. The Late, Dr. Isam Amasha

14. Professor Hamid Quneibi

15. Family of the late Professor Mohammed Hasan Abu Yahia

16. . The Late, Dr. Nayef Khurma