Physics. Lab 2.

Course Description:

Study  basic electrical and magnetic methods; taking measurements and data analysis. Experiments focus on basic electrical concepts such as Ohm's law, Electric Field, Power,
Kirchhoff's Rules and the Magnetic Field

1. To understand the electric field, electric field lines and the concept of electric power.

2. Provides students with basic concepts of measurement, experimental data analysis and laboratory methods.

3. Clarify  experimentally Ohm's and Kirchhoff's law  .

4. To study magnetic field, magnetic field lines

Required equipment:
Voltage and current measuring instruments, static and variable resistors, capacitors, electronic boards, connecting wires, variable and fixed voltage sources, signal generator.



1) Ohms's law: Determine unknown resistors and also to clarify the relation between voltage and current by using constant value resistor.


2) Series and parallel resistors: Connecting resistors in series and also in  parallel and measure the resultant resistance. 


3) Earth's magnetic field: Measure the strength of the earth's magnetic field.


 4) RC circuit: Charging and discharging capacitor.

5) Potentiometer: Measure unknown Electromotive force.