About Faculty



 ·         Faculty was founded in 1991 and the study in the different departments began in the same year by the enrollment of nearly hundred students. The number of students increased and reached more than thousand students in this year.

·         The faculty comprises four departments that taught the following disciplines:

1.       Architecture Engineering

2.       Civil Engineering

3.       Electrical Engineering

4.       Renewable Energy Engineering

·         The faculty has qualified distinguished members 28  PhD holders (Full professors, Associates and Assistants) and 4 master holders in addition to a large number of engineers, technicians and workers in the engineering laboratories and workshops for the training of students and qualify them to practice the engineering profession.

·         Two master's programs were developed and introduced:

-          First: Engineering Project Management.

Second: Structural Engineering

The Message

·         To provide a high level of engineering disciplines to meet the requirements of the National, Arab and International markets.

·         Preparation of students admitted in various specialists to meet the qualification and professional accreditation standards for engineers to become able to work in institutions and engineering companies at home and abroad.

·         Rehabilitation of a number of engineers through graduate programs for the management of engineering projects.

·         Conduct applied research that contribute to the service and community development and activation of partnership with the truth home institutions and government bodies and private ones.

 The Vision

·         Raising the level of higher education in Jordan and convenient education outputs with needs of the local and export markets through the continuous development of plans of study and educational programs and the provision of modern instruments and equipment.

·         Development of scientific research through the support of research projects, conferences and research distinct participation in international conferences.

·         Support and development of academic staff at the university by attracting distinguished faculty members and engineers. And provide full scholarships for them to obtain doctoral and master’s degrees in various disciplines from high ranked universities especially in western countries.


·         Stimulate effective and productive activity with the local community and to establish effective relationships with institutions.


·         To provide excellent engineering programs that meet the needs of the local community and the Arab world.

·         To graduate qualified engineers able to work in different companies and institutions at home and abroad.

·         To promote the education and scientific research to keep in touch with developments in knowledge and technology fields through holding seminars, conferences and training courses.

·         To develop the cooperation with the local community in order to deliver professional services and development.