Overview - Finance and Banking Department


In October 1991, the department commenced its first year of the Bachelor's program, when students were enrolled in any of the two programs: morning or evening. To fulfill the requirements of the program, each student should complete (132) credit hours successfully, with a minimum cumulative rate of 60% in a minimum period of three years. Each undergraduate should study (21) credit hours of university requirements, (6) credit hours of university elective courses, (24) credit hours of faculty requirements, (66) credit hours of department requirements, (6) credit hours of elective courses, (9) credit hours of supportive courses from different departments in the Faculty of Business. The student is not allowed to be absent for more than 15% of the total credit hours registered per each course.


The General Objectives of the Department

1. To provide the undergraduate students with all scientific needs in major and minor specialization, in order to fulfill the graduation requirements.

2. To encourage distinguished and honored students to complete their higher education by sending them in missions to complete their higher studies in the field of their specialization in local and foreign universities.


Special Objectives of the Department

1. To provide the students with an academic knowledge that is constantly updated with recent scientific developments in the field of specialization.

2. To provide the students with practical skills that fit with requirements of the local and the external labor markets.


Department's Vision:

1. To develop the undergraduate students by updating the study plans that take into consideration the important updates and developments in the field of specialization.

2. To strengthen the relationship between the department and the various local community institutions, thus contributing to overcome any obstacles that may face the graduates in their professional career.

3. To use proper technological tools, including programs and scientific sites (computer and the Internet), in addition to provide the standardized classrooms equipped with proper hardware to ensure the success of the teaching process

4. To focus on hosting external academic experts and professors to provide the undergraduates with updated scientific experiences and knowledge.

5. To develop scientific research for students and link them to practical reality to address the most important problems that require study and scientific analysis.

6. To develop and improve the capabilities of students in relation to the practical on-site training programs in order to provide them with the needed experience and practical skills to obtain better job opportunities.

7. To strengthen the relationship with other institutions to ensure the employment of distinguished students.