على جميع الطلبة الغير مسددين لكافة رسوم الفصل الأول المستحقة عليهم مراجعة الدائرة المالية قبل تاريخ 1/12/2017 لتسديد الذمم المالية المترتبة عليهم تجنباً للغرامات وتجنباً من تطبيق ماهو منصوص عليه في تعليمات خصم الطلبة التفاصيل

Message From the Registrar of Admissions & Registration Office

Our Office endeavors within its overall vision and message to achieve the core values that are represented by working in team spirit through its staff. Such an approach achieves excellence in the performance of all the operations and services of the department in the framework of quality and transparency with the ideal implementation of technology in all operations through distinguished human elements and high- quality operation systems in contributing to the national and academic affairs.

Ahmad Yousef