General Duties of the correspondence office

1- Receiving mail from all external and internal circles.

2- delivering the external mail of staff members, students, employees, and colleges. This also includes Jordanian mail and Aramex.

3- Receiving the special mail of the president from official and private circles, as well as the incoming and outgoing mail of the faculties and getting them         computerized.

4- Receiving and sending relevant faxes.

5- Checking, annotating, and preparing the mail to be signed by the president .

6- Drafting the letters in question.

7- Printing out letters and notes.

8- Collecting answers and overseeing them with the faculties.

9- Delivering mail after being signed by the president according to relevant destinations.

10- Xeroxing incoming letters and notes and those ensuing from the president according to their types.

11- Sending letters to relevant internal and external circles and delivering them to the faculties and offices accordingly.

12- Getting the stationery and other relevant needs from the supplies office, such as photocopiers and printers’ ink.

13- Sending the registered letters of the University via the University post office on the basis of advance payment.

14- Giving answers to queries by a given circle regarding official letters and notes, and getting to know their destinations.

15- Sending special notes or judicial papers by which the registry is notified (such as notification, letters of warning, lawsuit, hearing dates…etc.) to the legal       adviser via telephone, fax, and e-mail.