President of the University Prof. Bassam Malkawi
Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy Prof. Ahmed Naddaf
Dean of the Faculty of Law Prof. Hamdi Alaqbilat
Dean of the Faculty of Business and Finance Prof.Mahmoud Noor
Dean of Research and Higher Studies Prof. Khalid Tarawna
Acting Dean of the Faculty of Arts Dr. Zahrya Abdul Haq 
Acting Dean of the Faculty of Educational Sciences Dr. Ahmed Soman
Acting Faculty of Information Technology Dr. "Muhammad Ali" Jeniene
Acting Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Dr. Tayseer Rawashdeh
Acting Dean of Student Affairs Dr. Awad Khalaf Akho Arashidh
Acting Dean of the College of Nursing Dr. Amal Daghestani
Secretary of councils Dr. Abdel Fattah Abu Ma'ale