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Faculty of Pharmacy

Some Research Proposals for Master of pharmacy science 2017-2018


Suggested Proposal title



Clinical pharmacy

Pharmacy & practice

1- Study the role of hormones in





2-  Rational use of drugs

Dr. Ahmad Al-Nadaf


Clinical pharmacy

Self-medication Practices among senior pharmacy students a potential abuse in Jordan


Dr. Ahmad Al-Talhouni


Toxicology& pharmacognosy

Animal study for the hepatoprotective and / or cardiac or renal protective effect of plant extract (plants cultivated & distributed in Jordan)


Dr.Zead Helmi Abudayeh



Formulation Strategies to Improve the Bioavailability of Poorly Absorbed Drugs using nanocarriers

Dr. Samer AlAli




1- A Study on Incidence of Pigmented and Non-Pigmented Serratia marcescens Contaminating Cosmetics

2- Antimicrobial Activity of Prodigiosin isolated from Serratia marcescens Recovered from Different Sources


Dr.Hadeel Tawfiq AL-Hadithi



Microbiology& pharmacognosy 

1- Isolation and identification of active chemical constituents from juliflora sp. and testing some of their biological activities.


2- Isolation and identification of active chemical constituents from Tamarind sp. and testing some of their biological activities.


Dr.Zead Abdayeh &

Dr.Suha Mujahed Abudoleh



Developing new microemulsions using nonionic surfactants for transdermal application of Atenolol





Dr.Jamal Mohammad Alkrad


Pharmaceutical chemistry

1- Synthesis of benzoxazoles as potential anticancer and anti-infective agents

2-  Synthesis of cinnamic acid derivatives as candidate molecules in the treatment of different diseases.

3-  Utilizing enzymes as biocatalysts in the preparation of pharmaceutical active compounds.


Dr.Qais Ibrahim Abualassal



Oncology & Heamatology

1- Ginger treatment of cultured ovarian cells induced profound growth inhibition in all cell lines tested


2- Liposome-encapsulated hemoglobin processing methods


 Dr.Raad J. Musa Al-Ani




Research based on assessing possible agents for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases. One possible agent is an endogenous peptide called Urocortin. This CRF like peptide was investigated for possible therapeutic benefits in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. This peptide is thought to be disease modifying rather than just offering symptomatic relief, and as the nature of the disease is progressive, the value of such treatment would be invaluable. Also researching the mechanisms behind the neuroprotective effects of Urocortin. The findings suggest that these mechanisms are mainly receptor mediated, and the implicated receptors have been identified, making them possible targets for newer Parkinson’s disease treatments. Other peptides will also been investigated for their therapeutic benefits in treatment of such a disease

Dr. Amjad Abu-Irmeileh


Drug Delivery

1.Quality by design (QbD) in pharmaceuticals development: optimizing an age specific Orally Disintegrating Tablets (ODT) using different polymers and direct compression.

2.Systematic investigation of Multiparticulate drug delivery systems (MPS) for enteric coating employing Quality by design (QbD) principles

3. Investigations into the application of various polymers in developing orally dissolving films (ODF) for pediatric use.

4. Consultation study on the use of dry powder inhalers (DPI) for pediatrics: needs and challenges

Eman Zmaily


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