About - Renewable Energy Engineering

In keeping with the creative direction of the university administration, the Faculty of Engineering has adopted the opening of the Department of Renewable Energy Engineering, which was established in 2016. The Department is concerned with the study of various energy fields, economic, administrative and environmental impact and to develop radical and efficient solutions that contribute to renewable energies to raise energy efficiency and reduce carbon dioxide emissions as a negative impact on the environment and reduce the cost of importing traditional energy sources by developing studies of energy use in different fields.

The Department offers a bachelor's degree in renewable energy engineering, through the following areas of knowledge.

The student studies in a scientific environment and an exciting process of research and development of scientific and creative abilities. With the adoption of the concepts of responsibility towards society and promotion of teamwork. In order to prepare and enable it to keep up with the requirements of both practical and academic life.

Our goal is to provide a renewable energy engineer with a high level of efficiency and an advanced quality standard that will enable him to pursue outstanding researches in the field of renewable energy, thus contributing to the advancement of the labor market and promoting development in renewable energy locally and regionally.