على جميع الطلبة الغير مسددين لكافة رسوم الفصل الأول المستحقة عليهم مراجعة الدائرة المالية قبل تاريخ 1/12/2017 لتسديد الذمم المالية المترتبة عليهم تجنباً للغرامات وتجنباً من تطبيق ماهو منصوص عليه في تعليمات خصم الطلبة التفاصيل

Department Branches

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1. Employment Services

Primary task: Follow-up job applications, and classified according to need and send them to college or the relevant department upon request.

2. Academic Affairs

The most important services offered by the department include:
Organizing contracts , renewal procedures , appointments , resignations , overtime , end of service benefits , work permits , residencies and organizing vacations , subscriptions forms of health insurance and social security for all faculty members.

3. Administrative Affairs

أServices are offered by the department include:
organizing contracts ,renewal procedures ,appointments, resignations ,work permits and residency permits, and the contributions of health insurance and social security for all administrative and technical staff.

4. Vacations and work monitoring
Primary task: Follow vacations and leaves and balances administrative staff and entered into the system, archiving and follow-up attendance for them.

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