Library Sections

1.    Supply Section:

It is one of the technical sections in the library responsible for the following up of whatever information was published that could be realized through buying books, references and several audio- visual aids, in addition to the procedures of presenting and exchanging books besides binding materials that meet the needs of library users.

Phone extension No. : 2279


2. Indexing and Classification Section:

Books in the Library once classified and organized according to the international well known standards, Indexing is done according  to the Anglo- American rules of indexing based on Dewey's Decimal System which divides knowledge into ten major headings with their methods of  indexing.

Phone extension No. : 2265


3. Section of Electronic and Computerized Database:

This section is concerned with the correct use of computerized material available in the Library. In addition, it cares for regular maintence of sets. Internal service is provided free for all beneficiaries regarding academic and research purposes. The employee in charge trains and helps in preparing research for all concerned.

Phone extension No. : 2278


4. Section of Circulation and Returns:

It is the section concerned with helping those of concern to have access to sources of knowledge. It also helps in checking out of books to students and staff members through the university identification card.

Phone extension No. :  2267


5. Periodicals Section:

This sections holds the in-use and bound periodicals. The periodical room holds scientific accredited Arab and foreign periodicals in all majors, in addition to general periodicals and  previously  bound ones.

Phone extension No. : 2241


* Rooms:

1- Reference Room:

Phone extension No. : 2262


2- Arabic Books Room:

Phone extension No. : 2280


3- English Books Room:

Phone extension No. : 2242


* Archives students' research studies and Xeroxing

Ph. Ext. No. : 2261