About us

The Services Department is one of the most important departments of the University, It is a fundamental pillar in the foundation of the university as it undertakes multiple tasks in the university campus including:

  1. - Organizing transportation and movement of buses to and from the university.
  2. - Maintaining the readiness of buses to serve of students and staff of the university.
  3. - Controlling the internal security of the University and the preservation of the property of the university and students.
  4. - Securing the university at night and during holidays.
  5. - Maintaining cleanliness of the university faculties and Yards.
  6. - Maintaining the Green scenery of the university and its flora.
  7. - Keeping the safety and security of the university through the follow-up matters of public safety and civil defense.
  8. - Helping staff to complete administrative works.
  9. - Maintaining the university facilities in a good condition and improving buildings.


All these tasks and other services are carried out by the department’s branches:

  1. Transportation
  2. University Security
  3. Night Guard
  4. cleanliness
  5. Agriculture
  6. Public Safety
  7. Projects
  8. Secretary janitors
  9. Garage