Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan for the faculty of Science 2018-2022


The Faculty of Science, through its various departments and academic, administrative and technical staff, seeks to promote academic, developmental and research objectives, In order to build a bright Jordan that believes in his scientific mission And its progressive role Which seeks to build and produce a generation capable of bearing the burden of responsibility And has the ability to contribute to change and progress in the most successful ways.

In order to develop the academic and scientific process in the faculty , the university seeks to encourage and support faculty members on scientific research in various aspects, use latest teaching techniques, participation in international and local conferences and seminars and workshops, which aims to enhance the role of faculty member in the educational process.


The message

The Faculty of Science seeks to develop its programs and research facilities in cooperation with local institutions. It is committed to providing distinguished and modern academic programs, maintaining the quality of the teaching mechanism and developing an educational environment capable of producing and applying knowledge.




Faculty of Science aims :

-Advancing research projects for external and internal support.

-To update the educational and research laboratories in the faculty in line with the faculty's aspirations to develop the existing laboratories.

-Updating and developing study plans, in line with the acceleration in the process of scientific development.

- Create Mathematics department  and Biology department. 


- Create  graduate programs.