International Students Office

The office aims to contribute as much as possible in activating the role of international students in the university community in particular and the Jordanian community in general. It also seeks to aid international students in adapting and integrating into the student body, and in facing the challenges that they may come across in their academic and daily lives.

Due to the University’s positive environment of education, it has become a destination for many Arab and international students. The International students Office was established to aid these students and provide them with guidance and assistance throughout their tertiary education, and to activate their on-campus presence through activities organized by the Office.

 The International Students Office welcomes all students in their second country, Jordan, and in their university, Isra University, and invites them to visit and get in contact with the Deanship of Student Affairs for any queries or requests.


Duties of the International Students Office

1-     Preparing a database of international students.

2-     Handing out booklets of the duties and aims of the Office to international students.

3-     Follow-up of residency granting and renewals, and follow-up issues of students - if any - in the Interior Ministry and security departments.

4-     Organizing a series of meetings for International students with their countries’ cultural attaches.

5-     Organizing poetry readings for international students.

6-     Overseeing the sports and cultural activities of international students.

7-     Meeting with international students on a regular bases at the Office to hear their suggestions and answer their queries.