1- TEJ Project Workshop at Mutah University

    Date: Tuesday, November 3, 2015
    Venue: Mutah University
    A new workshop for TEJ project was conducted at Mutah University, on November 3, 2015 and attended by TEJ partners.
    The Vice President for International Affairs and Quality Assurance at Mutah University prof. Thafer Assaraira welcomed the participants and stressed on Mutah University readiness to provide all capabilities and assistance to implement the project’s plan.
    After that the project’s coordinator Prof. Walid Salmeh reviewed the achievements and the coming activities of TEJ project. He also spoke about the first national conference for TEJ that will be held on February 2016 in addition to establishing the REO offices which contribute in providing the students with training sessions before joining the labor market.
    Participants gave a little speech on what has been accomplished at their institutes so far and many recommendations were made for implementation shortly.

    2- TEJ meeting – Jordan

    Date: Tuesday, September 1, 2015
    Venue: PSUT
    An ordinary meeting was held on September 1st at PSUT in order to discuss the coming activities of TEJ project.
    The most important topics that was discussed are delivering the projects' equipment after being VAT exempted and the arrangements for the coming national conference in addition to nominating the best business plan from all partners’ universities.
    The meeting was moderated by Prof. Walid Salameh and attended by partners’ universities representatives and concerned employees from PSUT.

    3- TEJ Project Workshop in Dead Sea – Chamber of Commerce

    Date: 6/6/2015
    Venue: Dead Sea - Conference room, 1st floor
    A workshop for TEJ project was conducted by Chamber of Commerce in Dead Sea, on June 6, 2015. The workshop started by a welcome message from rom the Engineer Hisham Qattan from Jordan Chamber of Commerce followed by a speech from Prof. Walid Salameh that states the following project potential outcomes:
    • TTO network establishment.
    • TTO website at each partner institution.
    Several issues were discussed regarding the relation between industry and universities that is fostered when university researchers and companies have the possibility to know R&D technological challenges and skills presented by Dr. Mohammad Jaffari from IPCO Then a presentation from Mrs. Hanna Iraide (Director of JEDCO) about the services offered by the Ministry of Trade and Industry which is an integrated model of analysis of companies’ technological needs as well as a follow up and support in joint proposal preparation.
    After that Mr. AbdulMajeed Shamlawi from Owasis 500 offered a presentation about the analyses of the socio-economic environment and the purpose of collection information from business associations, business webs, industry publications, sector webs, sectorial fairs (list of exhibitors), market research subscriptions where the answers can be provided to match research competencies and companies demand.
    Mr. Mohammad Refai from Jordan Chamber of Commerce highlight the local funding opportunities for start uppers. Mentioning what is missing from the proposal of the applicant (i.e. plan your actions, where are we now? where do we want to be? And how do we get there).
    Dr. Tayseer Ofishat spoke about what do you want to achieve with whom by when, within which budget; and how will you do that (strategic & creative direction) in order to get is success.
    Finally A presentation by Engineer Mohammad Abu Afifeh about the mission to be accurate, focus and should include promote research, education and transfer of knowledge to the benefit of society which mean promote and sustain competitiveness of research at the national and international level, by increasing its value and impact, as well as collaborative research and innovation projects

    4- TEJ Project Workshop at Irbid National University

    Date: 03.05.2015
    Venue: Irbid National University
    • INU Prof. Mohamad Subarini then followed by a speech from Prof. Walid Salmeh that states the following project potential outcomes:
    • TTO network establishment.
    • TTO website at each partner institution.
    • Participants gave a little speech on what has been accomplished at their institutes so far in terms of the their strategic plans, REO, TTO, websites, activities, workshops that brings local industry to the University as part of TEJ project missions in addition to the best business plan contest, the approved forms for this contest and the goals and objectives of this activity.
    • Finally all participants were awarded INU shell for their effort

    5- TEJ Project Workshop at ZUJ

    Date: 31/3/2015
    Venue: Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan
    A workshop for TEJ project was conducted in Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan, on Mar 31, 2015. The workshop started by a welcome message from the Al-Zaytoonah President Prof. Rushdi Hasan then a project brief delivered by Prof. Ali Aldahoud (correspondence of ZUJ), followed by a speech from Prof. Walid Salmeh that states the following project potential outcomes:
    • TTO network establishment.
    • TTO website at each partner institution.
    The meeting addressed several issues regarding the necessary data within institutions, and the idea of lunching an award of the best business plan among all Jordanian students.
    In addition to discussing the establishment of the Universities-enterprises cooperation network and implementation of its activities to serve as a sustainable supra-national platform for exchange of experiences and good practices with a view to fostering a regular strategic dialog among higher education and business sector.

    6- porto Study Visit

    Date: 21.04.2015 to 23.04.2015
    Venue: University of Porto
    TEJ Partners are going to participate in a 3 – day training workshop during a Study visit to Porto - Portugal. The Workshop is going to be hosted by University of Porto from 20th - 24th April 2015.

    8 - Kick-off Meeting

    Date: 24.03.2014 to 25.03.2014
    Venue: Princess Sumaya University for Technology, Amman, Jordan
    The kick-off meeting of Towards a university Enterprise alliance in Jordan (TEJ) has taken place in Princess Sumaya University for Technology on the 24th and 25th of March 2014. The meeting started with a welcoming speech given by the project coordinator Prof. Walid Salameh and the president of PSUT Prof. Issa Batarseh. The welcoming speech was followed by a brief introduction between partners in the project. Afterwards, Prof. Salameh talked about TEJ; the main purpose of it, its goals and the benefits that TEJ will accomplish for Universities and Enterprises in Jordan. Prof. Salameh also discussed TEJ work packages, and explained to partners’ their roles and duties during the life span of the project. Partners also discussed the upcoming tasks and events during the next 6 months

    9- Bologna Study Visit

    Date: 26.05.2014 to 28.05.2014
    Venue: : Università di Bologna
    TEJ Partners has participated in a 3 – day training workshop during a Study visit to Bologna - Italy. The Workshop was hosted by Università di Bologna – Unibo from 26th-28th May 2014. The aim of this work- Shop was to acquire the "know how" of creating synergy between industry and academia through boosting technology transfer offices across universities and policies therein that enable such hubs to be started, administrated, monitored and evaluated, and also to exchange the ideas, good practices and cooperation opportunities with Jordanian universities. The workshop also aimed at giving a panoramic overview of the university of Bologna; its structure, policies, internationalization strategies adopted, mission, vision, context of work within a global environment, goals, research activities, research evaluation, IT tools, incubators, and other information related to number of (campuses , students, faculty staff, patents, research projects, research programs, etc.)

    10- Technology Transfer Management in HEIs

    Date: 23.11.2014 to 24.11.2014
    Venue: PSUT, Jordan
    A workshop on Technology Transfer Management in Higher Education Institutions was conducted in PSUT, Jordan in November 2014. The workshop aimed at building relationships between universities and social and economical environment for accomplishing sustainable development. The workshop was part of TEJ project, which includes nine local universities as well as the Ministry of Higher Education, the Ministry of trade and industry, IPark and Jordan Chamber of Commerce. In addition to 4 European Universities. TEJ is one of the European Union projects aiming at technology transfer in between higher education institutions and industrial institutions. The President of Princess Sumaya University of Technology Prof. Mashhoor Al Refai said that the joint cooperation between the Arab and European universities contributes to the educational process and serves the scientific research. In addition to that it opens new horizons to exchanging experiences between these institutions. Project coordinator Prof. Walid Salameh shared the objectives of the project with participants of which are motivating and developing the concept of cooperation between universities and enterprises by promoting good practices for the implementation of technology transfer offices and communication in between the 9 Jordanian universities and evolving capacity building in the field of human resources. TEJ is also aiming at the promotion of information and communication strategies and providing strategic inputs needed to create long-term partnerships and collaborative research with Enterprises, as well as raising the employability rates in HEIs.