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Jordanian Universities are currently only starting to create strategies and instruments in the domain of building relations between universities and their socio-economic environment by establishing Technologies Transfer Offices (TTOs). TEJ project is aimed to contribute and stimulate the economic growth in Jordan by building strong and sustainable partnerships between Universities and Business, promoting good practice for implementing university entreprises link offices in 9 Jordanian Universities and enhancing human skills. More espcifiaclly, the Tej project will lead to :
  1. The cration Jordanian University-Enterprise Network as functional resource and networking platform fostering the exchange of knowledge information and opportunities between universities and enterprises in Jordan;
  2. The establishment of institutional structures in form of an interface , which is in charge of establishing and managing university-entrperises linkages and building lasting relationships with the business world;
  3. Development of skills, capacities and attitudes of Jordanian universities staff towards higher employability of Jordanian Graduates and Increased innovation and technology transfer;
  4. Reform and modernisation of the institutional strategies, managerial and organizational capacities of 9 Jordanian Universities, thus enhancing the competitiveness; financial autonomy and sustainability of universities.