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    The Personnel Department was set up at the outset of the establishment of Isra University in 1991, and it comprised three employees then: Director of the Department, the Academic Affairs, and the Administrative Affairs. The overall number of the personnel in the university was no more than 100 employees, both in the academic and administrative fields. The Department developed throughout the different stages of the University's advancement, and is now called the Human Resources Department, which comprises six (6) personnel, including the Director. The Department consists of two divisions: the Academic Affairs, and the Administrative Affairs; it offers its services to both academic and administrative personnel that approximate 800 employees. The Department develops and expands in accordance with the needs of scientific advancement in Jordan, and according to the development of the University in all fields. What really distinguishes this Department is good conduct, fast perusal of all procedures, exactness and faithfulness of job. It is, undoubtedly, the bright side of the University.

    Services of the Department:
    Resignations, vacations of all kinds, the final dues, annual increases, health insurance, Social Security, work permits, overtime, receiving of applications in addition to sorting and classifying them, work monitoring, anticipating the requirements for accreditation, and following-up correspondences and the archives.


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