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    About The Faculty

    The Faculty of Pharmacy was established in 1991 with a vision to contribute to the indispensable pharmacy profession. In recent years there have been rapid changes in the pharmaceutical industry where there has been significant development of pre-packed medications and patient counseling in the field of health care systems. This has restricted the traditional role of the pharmacist to a dispenser of medicine. In autonomous health care systems like hospitals, significant changes required pharmacists to assume total responsibility of pharmaceutical needs as well as the development of pharmaceutical care plans for individual patients. Therefore, the pharmacy profession has to adopt a more patient-oriented approach so that pharmacists can expand their role as advisors for both patients and other health care professionals within the health care team.

    In the past, pharmaceutical education was mainly drug-oriented concentrating on the art of compounding and detailed description of drug properties. A second phase of pharmacy education then concentrated on product formulation. This phase was associated with the introduction of physical pharmacy, pharmaceutical technology, structure-activity relationship, and drug design.
    Later, pharmacy education was more biologically oriented with emphasis on pharmacokinetics and drug equivalence. Therefore, topics like biopharmaceutics, pharmacokinetics, and clinical therapeutics were introduced. It was then followed by a patient-oriented phase where topics like clinical pharmacy, community pharmacy, and communication skills were introduced.

    Recently, pharmaceutical education has moved further toward a more patient-centered and practice-centered approach rather than being drug-centered and product formulation-centered. We, at the faculty of pharmacy at Isra University are closely observing these dynamic changes in the pharmacy profession. Accordingly, we have modified our undergraduate curriculum several times to cope with these changes.

    The general features of these modifications were as follows:
    First: Improving the quality of practical courses so as to play a bigger role undergraduate education with the aim to better prepare graduates to deal with the pharmacy profession.
    Second: Concentrating on clinical pharmacy, therapeutics, and pharmacy practice through introducing several core courses in these areas of study.
    Third: More time has been dedicated for pharmacy training in a community or a hospital pharmacy to cover major classes of drugs in terms of how to counsel patients receiving such medications.
    Fourth: Introducing new elective courses which address newer trends in pharmaceutical sciences to suit the needs of our undergraduates and their prospective employers.

    Vision Our vision is to become the leader in the education of pharmacy in Jordan and the Middle East.

    Our mission is to produce highly skilled pharmacists capable of excelling on a professional level.
    We also aspire to maintain the highest standards of pharmaceutical education, research and services.

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