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عمادة شؤون الطلبة
Deanship of Student Affairs

Tuesday, 09 January 2018 00:00

Vision, mission and objectives

خطأ في الترجمةVision:

To contribute actively to the development of the talents and abilities of the students, to highlight their creations, to stimulate their energies and to develop the values of belonging, commitment and discipline and to participate actively in the various voluntary activities in order to complete the construction of their personality and to prepare them for a leadership role in their society.


Commitment to provide student activities that contribute to the creation of an educational environment integrated educational achievement and training and development of dialogue skills and methods of learning and excellence and creativity and participation in decision-making, teamwork and community service and engage in various cultural, social, sports and artistic activities, and provide housing and food services.




1 - Help to establish the spirit of belonging and commitment and discipline of students.
2 - Provide professional guidance for students and help them adapt to the academic environment.
3 - Contribute to build and strengthen the leadership and leadership of students and the selection and care of leadership promising in their ranks in cooperation with the concerned bodies at the university

4- Preparing programs and sports activities for the development and refinement of students' talents, values ​​of cooperation and competition in their ranks and participation in sports activities for universities, Palestinian educational institutions, and the security and military establishment.
5- Preparing cultural, artistic and social programs in support of the curriculum in order to raise the level of cultural and artistic awareness, highlight and develop talents, strengthen their relations with each other and with the family of the university and achieve communication with the issues of their people and the local community.
6- Help students solve and overcome social, educational, psychological and material problems
7 - Follow up the affairs of graduates and maintain contact with the university and the dissemination of scientific and professional mission

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